Do you want to increase customers and don’t know how? All restaurants need to increase their sales, but don’t know what to do to achieve it. It is very important to know some techniques to boost the growth of your restaurant. Read on and you will find the best tips to get more customers.
Do you have delicious food but no customers? Maybe your strategy is not the right one. Stop and think and start working hard to create a strategy to get new customers.

1.Create a website

It is very important that your restaurant has a website, to advertise your products and get more information about the business. The design of the website should be as beautiful as possible to attract customers. The website offers the possibility to see the restaurant’s menu online and faster.
Also, if you have a delivery service, customers can place their orders on the website. Remember to add the location, the origin of the restaurant and the phone number so that customers can call and make reservations.

2.Use social networks

Nowadays, social networks are essential to get new customers. You should create content that interests your followers, such as recipes or cooking tips. In addition, through social networks you can publish the menu of the day for users to visit your restaurant.
Take advantage of social networks to dialogue with your followers and get ratings to improve your business. Upload interesting photos and carry out sweepstakes to increase participation. Please take a look at this post about social media management tips for restaurants for more info.

3.Happy Hour

Happy hour is a very popular strategy in the world of gastronomy. This offer consists of offering discounts to customers.
Many restaurants only offer happy hour on weekdays, because on weekends they have many customers and there is no need to offer discounts.

4.Free WiFi

Many customers need to use their cell phones during the meal to take care of business. Therefore, it is very important to offer free wifi to ensure customers’ convenience.
If you want to keep customers coming back to your restaurant, make sure you have good food and high speed wifi.

5.Meet the cook

A good idea to get more customers is to introduce them to the chef so that they can answer their questions about the restaurant’s food. In addition, you transmit confidence and security to users, and with this technique, many customers are sure to return to your restaurant!


It is very important to offer discounts to customers so that they visit your restaurant frequently. Promotions can be applied to a single product or to the entire meal. The same goes for the days of the week. Offer discounts from Monday to Friday to increase visits and revenue.
On the other hand, you can offer promotions for social purposes to get new customers and give your business a good social reputation. A portion of the money you raise can be donated to a charity to support the cause. Community events are excellent for attracting a lot of people

7.Organize events at the restaurant

Does your city have many festivals and you don’t know how to celebrate them? Use the big events in your city to attract new customers. Sporting events are a good excuse to gather large groups of friends at your restaurant. If a concert is going to be held near your restaurant, take advantage of this opportunity to offer promotions to customers.



8.Cooking classes

Learning to cook is becoming more and more fashionable. Create a calendar to offer cooking classes in your restaurant. Remember to teach some of your recipes to promote your restaurant’s dishes.

9.Blind dates

Did you know that many couples meet in restaurants? Create a quiet space for couples to have a first date and live a unique experience. If the date goes well, they will surely come back to your restaurant. In addition, you can create a special menu for lovers.

10.Restaurant opening

The opening of the restaurant is a great opportunity to cook new dishes and offer new drinks to customers. One of the most popular tricks is to offer promotions for the first visit.
Promotions can include discounts or free items. For example, you can offer a free coffee if they buy a plate of food. With this technique you will raise awareness of your restaurant and get a lot of customers.

11.Family reunions

In many occasions families gather in restaurants to spend a unique moment with their favorite people. Usually families visit restaurants to celebrate birthdays or to report good news.
If a birthday is going to be celebrated in your restaurant, remember to decorate the restaurant with colorful balloons.
Also, it is a good option to hold work dinners in a large restaurant to strengthen employee relationships.

12.Invite Influencers

Invite the most famous influencers to come to eat at your restaurant. Offer influencers free food in exchange for posting photos of the restaurant and food on their social networks. This technique is very popular and is also very effective in getting a lot of customers.

13. Hand out advertising flyers

To get more customers you should go out to the street to hand out flyers with promotions of the restaurant. Try to make this flyer nice and have large letters to attract more attention.

14.Invite music groups

Contact small music groups to sing in your restaurant. This is a great strategy to get new customers. In addition, you can charge admission to the restaurant for them to enjoy the concert.
Did you read that right? Follow these steps and work hard to get new customers. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start. Start slowly and offer discounts to fill your restaurant with people. First of all it is important that you set some goals and have your own personality.
Don’t know how to differentiate yourself from other restaurants? You must offer customers something different that other restaurants don’t have. Create a unique brand to get loyal customers.

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