Create a marketing plan and manage social networks to gain followers!

Have you ever wondered how to improve your restaurant’s digital strategy? Marketing has become a fundamental element for all businesses. Customers are posting on social media about their dining experiences and posting dishes from their favorite restaurants.
Do you want to become a trendy restaurant? Do you want your recipes to be trending? If you want to increase your followers you must expand your knowledge to offer users quality information. Become social media!

Restaurants can take advantage of social networks to give visibility to their business and publicize the services they offer. Read on and discover the best tips.

  • Reviews.Social media helps you get feedback from customers about their impressions of the food, service or décor. You can create forms to collect responses easily.
  • Interaction.It is very important to get a dialogue with our customers to monitor the reputation of our brand and address user complaints. Remember to reply to user comments to increase interaction.
  • Mention.Remember to mention big brands so that they publish your photos. You will gain followers and customers.
  • Contests.To increase the number of followers it is necessary to hold contests to promote the restaurant. In many occasions, special dinners or meals are raffled. In addition, you can get good customers.
  • Equipment.Do not just post photos of food, also show the employees on social networks to transmit security and confidence to the customer.
  • Collaborations.If you want to innovate, it is important to bet on new things. Contact other companies in the sector to create an original project. Your company will grow and you will gain audience
  • Keywords.When you write information about a product you have to use SEO to position your restaurant in Google. Analyze trending topics to publish content that interests the reader.
  • Discounts.Promotions are a good strategy to get your followers to buy your products and visit your restaurant.
  • Create content.To get users interested in your restaurant you must be creative and create quality content.

What topics can I address?

1. Share information about food
2. Create a news section about the world of cooking
3. Interesting recipes to promote the restaurant’s dishes
4. Anecdotes about the restaurant
5. History of the restaurant
6. Publish the menu of the day and news
7. Local gastronomy products
8. Videos with elaboration of dishes
9. Publish gastronomic trends
10. Seasonal products
11. Photos of the restaurant team at work
12. Sharing photos posted by customers in the restaurant
13. Photos of the dishes that make up the menu
14. Offering discount coupons to users who register on our website
15. Conduct voting of dishes among customers

On the other hand, you must know in depth the tricks of social networks to know when to publish. There is no point in having many social networks with no activity. Choose only the necessary ones.
On Facebook, it is enough to publish one post a day during the hour of maximum audience, from 20:00 to 22:00. However, on Instagram, you need to make two posts to recommend products, one before lunch and one before dinner.
On YouTube, you can post videos with recipes. Short videos are perfect to easily engage your audience. On Twitter you can interact with followers and get new ideas.
Work on e-mail marketing. It is very profitable. Ask your customers for their e-mail and phone number to send them information about your restaurant periodically. You can inform about promotions, news, schedules or the menus of the day. It is very important to know the user’s name to address him and transmit confidence.

Before your start

Before you start, it is important to answer some questions:

  • Define objectives: What do we want to achieve with social networks in our restaurant?
  • Analyze competitors: How can we differentiate ourselves? What are they doing better? Are they making mistakes that we can take advantage of?
  • Substitutes: What products can replace mine? How can I avoid disappearing from the market?
  • Customers: What do I want to offer my customers?
  • Personality: What values do I want to convey?

It is essential to have a daily presence on social networks. We cannot stop posting for a long period of time, because you can lose followers and customers. There are programs that allow you to schedule publications for several months. You just have to make the post and leave it programmed so that it publishes itself.

Did you get it right? First create a company profile on the social networks you want to promote (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc.).
Then set long-term and achievable goals. Then, develop a strategy and prepare a monthly calendar of publications, so it is much easier to create quality content.
Remember that the posts must be of quality and published frequently. Don’t just report on one topic, try to create several sections with interesting content. The same goes for images, they must be your own and of the highest quality.
It is important to be aware of social networks. Customers want a quick response when they leave a comment. Many customers can make a reservation through social networks. If you don’t reply you will have lost a customer.
On occasion they may contact an influencer to advertise the restaurant. You can invite him to your restaurant to share their favorite dishes on social networks. It is essential to invest a little money in advertising. But, there are many free promotion techniques. You must use the right hashtags, publish quality content and share customer posts.
Marketing a restaurant is a difficult but very effective process. You must get used to social media to improve the performance of the business. Create a goal and start working hard! The future is in social networks. Respond to customer comments and post quality information to get new followers.
The important thing is to have a lot of personality to get more customers and good comments.

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